Blue’s Local Grill

Fun, Casual Dining: Mount Pleasant, SC


robert-bonnetteHello! I’m Blue’s Local Grill founder Robert Bonnette. I grew up in Pine Hill,SC — played baseball at Clemson and for a year with the Toronto Blue Jays. Somewhere along the line I picked up the nickname, “Blue Bonnette” — like the margarine. It was shortened to “Blue.”

I always thought that owning a neighborhood place would be fun. My first endeavor in the food and beverage business was a small little bar named “Mangos.” The only food we had was hot dogs from our steamer. On Fridays we would have a good crowd until about 7 pm, then everyone would leave and go someplace else to eat.

To hold our crowd, I would go home, cut wings, fry them and bring them back to the bar. They were dipped in buffalo sauce and cooked on a grill I brought in my truck.

We had some customers who moved to Mt. Pleasant from Buffalo, NY. They said our wings were better than those at the Anchor Bar, where “Buffalo Wings” originated. Thus, Blue’s House of Wings was born. We moved around the corner to our present location, where we’ve been for 20 years. In 2011, we reinvented ourselves as Blue’s Local Grill to reflect the “locals” clientele and expanded menu.